Clari Sanguily is on a mission to create a positive shift in humankind’s consciousness. She will inspire you to open your minds and learn that there is much more in this world for the taking than meets the eye. Your life’s meaning, your purpose, and your ultimate happiness stands before you—all you have to do is learn to be aware of the unknown, then reach out and grab it!

Sanguily provides invaluable wisdom based on her own experiences, which will nurture your true essence regardless of your beliefs. Her insightful guide takes a fresh and original approach to personal transformation, and offers a never-heard-of outlook on life.

The road stretches out before you—now is the time to take your first step into acquiring the wisdom you need to start living the life of your dreams!

“The wisdom within this book can provide us with the tools we need to make our dream life a reality.”— Fredi Schwarts, author of Intuitive Navigation.