In her book, Blind Faith is THE WAY, Clari Sanguily shares fifteen miracles she was blessed to experience since her early twenties. Many were life-saving moments that offered Clari the wisdom she needed to refrain fear from interfering with her life. Once she did, she started to live the life of her dreams.

Sanguily shares many of her miraculous experiences in order to create a much-needed change in the way you look at yourself and in the way you perceive life. To accomplish this, she offers a Step-by-Step system that will lead you to acquire a new level of awareness. Her system guides you to acquire mental and emotional clarity to prepare you for a journey into a miraculous world. Clari’s insightful guide takes a fresh, original approach to personal transformation and offers a never-heard-of outlook on life.

Sanguily shares:
Blind Faith is THE WAY was written to illuminate your world. Follow the fifteen golden keys in my book to discover the wisdom revealed in my story and learn why you truly came to this life. This book will lead you to own your personal power. It will change your outlook on life. It will even challenge the most elevated of minds. No matter your world view, belief system or religion, this guide to discover a new existence is a much-needed wake-up call for the masses.”

“Learn what you really are about. Take-off the blinders that control you without you even knowing, and along your personal path to CLARITY, learn how to live the life of your dreams!”